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All You Need To Know About Molded Cedar Shake Siding

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On April, 21, 2018


When most people think of siding, the first thing that comes to mind is traditional vinyl siding. Today’s modern technology, however, gives you options outside of conventional siding. One type of siding you may not be aware of is molded shake siding. Although it provides many of the same benefits and features as vinyl siding, there are some great characteristics to molded shake siding that help it to stand out. After reading this short article, contact a Bright View specialist today to find out more about molded shake siding and if it’s the right choice for you.

Check Out Cedar Shake Siding

Although traditionally used for other applications such as drawers or bed frames, cedar is also a great option for siding material around your home. Of all the different types of softwoods on the market today, Cedar stands out as one of the most sturdy and weatherproof surfaces for protecting your home. It lasts a long time, is a greater exterior insulator, and stands out as a distinctive attractive feature that is instantly eye-popping. If you like a more natural look for your home then cedar shake siding is the clear choice.

Features and Benefits of Shake Siding

Since cedar is a softwood, it is a great candidate for construction, because it’s extremely easy to install. Due to it’s makeup it transfers less heat during the summertime, and can easily combat the cold air. This means that the desired air stays inside your home, while the extreme temperatures stay out. Cedar can stand alone without any stain or coating, but also has the capability of retaining stain and coating without damaging the wood finish. Treated Cedar is ideal if you plan to keep your shake siding for several years. Cedar also gives your home a warm, elegance that can’t be found in other types of siding.

A Variety of Styles

Shake siding is available in a myriad of colors, stains, textures, and patterns. Of all the softwoods, it has a natural warm look, which makes it inviting and instantly appealing. With such a natural look, it enhances any environment and can fit in well both in the country as well as in the suburbs alongside other homes. You can choose from different grooves and textures such as beveled, board and batten, channel, and tongue and groove. Whether you’re using transparent, semi-transparent, or solid stain, you can easily maximize the natural tones and shades of cedar shake siding.

Easy Maintenance and Replacement

One of the greatest benefits of cedar is that combats mold and fungus better than most types of softwood. This reduces the amount of maintenance or repair that is needed as it will not warp, rot, or crack like traditional hardwood. The flip side to this, however, is that it is a good idea to stain the siding at least once every two years in order for it to retain it’s beautiful surface. The only other maintenance that is required is professional soft washing 2-3 times a year. You will find, however, that your shake siding will hold up well through the years, and provide you with long-term enjoyment.

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