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Molded Shake Siding

mold shakeThe vinyl shake that we carry at BrightView Distribution is high quality and attractive, and it features a warm, authentic molded texture. So if you’re working on or building a home in the greater Long Island area, we can provide you with the best molded shake siding possible. We’ll help you select the perfect siding for the home that you’re working on, and we can deliver the materials to you as soon as you need them.

We purchase products directly from manufacturers, so we’re able to provide the tradesmen we work with wholesale prices for the vinyl molded shake you need for your project. We have custom scheduling options that are very flexible so that we can meet your needs as thoroughly as possible. Molded shake can be a perfect addition to a home, and we can make sure you’re getting the highest quality shake possible at the most reasonable prices.

Benefits of Molded Shake Siding

  • Molded shake can give any home a classic appearance and offers a unique aesthetic.
  • It can be a great economical and low-maintenance alternative to real wood shakes.
  • There are a number of different style choices available.
  • Molded vinyl shakes are thicker and sturdier than standard horizontal vinyl siding because of the molding process.
  • Also because of that process, the manufacturers are able to achieve deeper grooves and give molded shake siding a much more convincing appearance.
  • They’re available with any siding accessories you need, which can do anything from making a home more energy efficient to giving it a fully finished appearance.

If a home that your working on in the Long Island area needs siding installed, molded shake siding can be an excellent addition to and improvement upon the appearance and the functionality of the building. Our professionals can help you choose from our extensive selection of siding and siding accessories to give you the perfect siding for whatever project you’re working on.

Why Choose Our Molded Shake Siding?

At BrightView Distribution, our goal is to help you achieve your goal of making sure that your customers are completely satisfied with the work that you perform. We have extensive experience working with contractors in the greater Long Island area, and we’ll form a partnership with you so that we can guarantee you’re getting all of the assistance that you need. We offer a wide selection of Long Island Residential Exteriors from a number of different manufacturers, and we’ll provide you with punctual deliveries, great pricing, and the attentiveness that you need to meet the needs of your clients.

Our professionals look forward to helping you find the perfect vinyl shake siding for the home you’re working on, and we’ll work to provide you with all of the services you need from us.

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