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    Mid-America-ShuttersWhether you’re working on a new construction or you’re renovating a home on Long Island, shutters can be a great addition to the windows of any exterior. They can make a home more attractive. And when you work with BrightView Distribution to supply your window shutters, you’ll have  access to exterior molded-vinyl shutters from Mid-America and the highest value possible.

    We work directly with manufacturer so that we’re able to provide the tradesmen we work with wholesale prices for top quality products. We can deliver them to your work site when you need them. Shutters can offer a number of benefits to the home you’re building or working on, and our shutters will be the highest quality and best value that you’ll find anywhere.

    Shutters are such a classic feature of homes because of their functionality, their appearance, and their great design. At BrightView Distribution, we can help you decide on the right shutters for the project you’re working on, and we’ll make sure you receive the colors and sizes that you need.

    Mid America Shutters in Stock

    Raised Panel STOCK sizes Louvered STOCK sizes

    All Widths 14 ¾ All Widths 14 ½

    • x 31” x 31”
    • x 35” x 36”
    • x 39” x 39”
    • x 43” x 43”
    • x 47” x 48”
    • x 51” x 52”
    • x 55” x 55”
    • x 59” x 60”
    • x 63” x 64”
    • x 67” x 67”
    • x 71” x 72”
    • x 80”

    Colors in Stock

    • Black (002)
    • Bordeaux (167)
    • Bright White (117)
    • Burgundy Red (027)
    • Classic Blue (036)
    • Federal Brown (009)
    • Forest Green (028)
    • Midnight Blue (166)
    • Midnight Green (122)
    • Musket Brown (101)
    • Tuxedo Grey (018)
    • Wedgewood Blue (004)
    • White (001)
    • Wicker (023)
    • Wineberry (078)

    Benefits of Shutters

    • Durable copolymer with UV stabilized color
    • Maintenance free: they’ll never chip or flake like wooden, painted shutters
    • Deep, authentic, wood grain texture
    • Available in many different colors, sizes, and textures

    Why Choose Our Shutters?

    At BrightView Distribution, we have extensive experience working with builders and contractors on Long Island, and we can guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of the services that we provide to you. We have a wide selection of Long Island Residential Exterior Shutters from Mid America, and we’ll provide you with punctual deliveries, great pricing, and the attentiveness that you need to meet the needs of your clients.

    Your job is making sure that your clients are satisfied with the services that you provide them, and whether we’re supplying you shutters, doors, windows, or siding, we’ll be helping you achieve that goal.

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    If you’re looking for shutters on Long Island, call BrightView Distribution at 631-454-8439, or fill out our online request form.

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