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vinyl siding manufacturers in The Greater New york City Area

At BrightView Distribution, we work directly between the manufacturers of the Long Island Residential Exteriors we carry and the contractors we provide services to. By purchasing directly from manufacturers, we’re able to offer the best possible prices, and because we work with the best manufacturers there are, we can always guarantee high quality vinyl siding. The Vinyl Siding Manufacturers that we work with are reputable and well-known, and they offer a wide variety of different siding options and products, so you’ll be guaranteed to find the perfect siding for any project.


Mitten has been manufacturing premium siding products for more than 50 years, and they have a solid reputation for great customer service as well as their dedication to creating quality exterior building products. They know how important the homes that you work with area, and they strive to offer you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve purchased quality products from a great company. All of their products come with a lifetime warranty, and they boast more than 50 years of providing their customers with full satisfaction.

Mid America

Mid America is one of the country’s leading providers of siding accessories. They have several brands, and they offer several different products, including siding accessories, door and window trim & molding, and shutters.

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